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Welcome to Jim Clark Photography!

Hey Folks,
I'm in the process of closing this website and starting up a new one in the coming weeks.  So stay tuned! At this time it will be a new domain name:, which will better convey my love for not only nature photography, but nature writing and nature sound recording.
The new website will be a completely redesigned site that celebrates my love for nature, photography, writing, and nature sound recordings.  The new site will also include tips and techniques for enhancing your photography and to inspire you to enjoy the wonders of nature. And once the pandemic is a thing of the past, I will post my workshops, seminars and speaking engagements. And of course, I'll have several galleries of my nature images!
I am excited and can't wait to share the with you.  Stay tuned!
If you love nature, life, and a bit of photography, then you have arrived at the right place. 
My philosophy in nature photography is simple: Enjoy your time you in nature, whether or not you capture a single image. It is the  experience and the memories gathered that matter the most.
Polar Bear - Churchill Wildlife Management Area, Manitoba © Jim Clark
(c) Tom Kankowski
Jim's Polar Bear Image on Display on Thomas Reuters Building - Times Square, New York City. Image by Tom Jankowski (c)                                                                                                                                                                                                 
For me nature photography is not a means to an end, but instead, another avenue that gets me into the field. Photography is a tool that helps me convey to others the wonders of nature. Whether photographing polar bears along the Hudson Bay or just photographing songbirds outside my door, nature fascinates me to no end. I hope it does the same for you. 
From  seminar attendee: "I can't begin to list the number of things I learned from your presentations.  The information you shared was enjoyable, educational, fun, and inspirational. I appreciate the work you've put in through the years to master the craft of photography and your willingness to share those experiences in an open, enjoyable, and very personal matter."
"We are lucky to have Jim Clark, who is not only an accomplished photographer, but a great teacher. He is enthusiastic, patient, humorous, and willing to impart his knowledge to his students. I've love to take another class or 10 from him."
"Jim is a great teacher. He provides a photographic learning experiene for all levels and makes it fun. He's receptive to our questions and gives advie that will make us better photographers. Many participants have done this program before -- multiple times and I can say I will seriously consider doing it another time."
News from Jim Clark Photo - February 2021
This web site will be closed soon and a new Jim Clark Photo website will be online in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!... [Read More]


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